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Note to Readers

This FPC website is designed and managed to promote pickleball in Fredericton, NB, Canada.


Pickleball is just one more way to enjoy the beautiful city of Fredericton.


Please click on 'Contact Us' above if you have any comments.  Thank you.

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Ann Marie


President, FPC

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FPC Purpose

The purpose of the FPC is to provide its members:

a.    Opportunity to play pickleball both recreationally and competitively.

b.   Training and programs to improve their skill level of pickleball.

c.    Opportunity for fun, exercise, and social interaction.

d.    Pickleball information to promote pickleball.




Pickleball Song

By Dawn B. and Peg W.

Kitchen Myths

Warning!!!   Warning!!!                Pickleball is extremely addictive!!!       
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