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Pig Roast

FPC held their first annual pig roast at Capital Curling Club (CWC) on August 31, 2017, following Thursday's regular shootout. What a grand evening it was! Ian Ferguson was the chief cook and bottle washer. He was pig roaster and carver for the 110 FPC members and guests who signed up. Margie Laden-Oreto was the chief organizer and what a fantastic job she and her team did. Her team was made up of Nancy Roach, Muriel Forsythe, Debbie MacLoon-Agnew, Chris MacLoon and Barb Roy. Anne Caverhill was in charge of obtaining the many door prizes and as fate would have it, her husband, Paul Caverhill, was in charge of giving prizes out to the lucky ticket holders.

The whole evening lasted 4 hours. There was lots of social interaction and also lots of food. Ian even cooked a couple rounds of chicken wings as appetizers. Many members brought delicious salads and everything else that was necessary to feed the masses. And of course the bar was open the whole evening.

Dessert was handled by Barb Roy who provided a unique cake with a picture of many FPC members on it and the caption, "Best Pickleball Club Ever!!!"

Thanks again to Ian and Margie for making this a wonderful night and cherished memory.

PS - the FPC Executive already agreed and voted for you two to look after the second annual pig roast next summer!

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